June 19, 2019

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Getting Compensation for Sidewalk Accidents

City Sidewalk

Pedestrians use sidewalks when they need to get to their destinations on foot. Sidewalks are meant to keep pedestrians safe from vehicles on the road. However, they can also be a source of danger.

Slip or trip and fall accidents on sidewalks are not uncommon. Many of these accidents result in serious injuries such as broken or fractured shoulders, knees, ankles and other bones of the body. If you’re lucky, you’ll only escape with a bump or a scrape. The question is, who can you hold responsible for your injuries and can you recover compensation for your medical expenses, time lost from work and pain and suffering among other things.

Common causes of slip/trip and fall sidewalk accidents

Sidewalks are meant to be safe havens for pedestrians out for a walk. However, they can be hazardous. The following are some conditions that present dangers to pedestrians and are likely to result in trip/slip and fall sidewalk accidents:

  • Accumulated snow
  • Uneven, unequal or poorly leveled surfaces
  • Holes
  • Loose, decayed or worn material
  • Cracks
  • Ice on the sidewalk
  • Faulty construction
  • Improper placement of vaults or cellar doors
  • Protrusion of metal structures, pipes or cables
  • Debris

Who’s responsible?

Not all slip and fall accidents are the result of negligence. Some are simply accidents and nothing more. In order to win a slip/trip and fall case, you will need to prove that someone was negligent and that their negligence resulted in the conditions that caused your accident.

If you were injured in a slip and fall sidewalk accident, you will have to show that there were unreasonably unsafe conditions that caused the accident. You will also have to prove that the property owner was negligent and should have known and acted to rectify it.

What about public sidewalks?

If you’re injured on a public sidewalk, you may be wondering who is liable. It may be the municipality or the owner of the adjacent premises depending on who is responsible for keeping the sidewalk clear and fixing it when it cracks or becomes unlevel.

Seeking compensation from a municipality

There are certain limitations that you should be aware of when seeking compensation from a municipality.

  1. There are strict deadlines and timelines when filing a claim against a municipality.
  2. The state may have a limit on the amount you can recover as compensation.

If you were injured in a slip and fall incident in New York City or Long Island, please call Panzavecchia & Associates, PLLC. We will fight for your rights and help you recover from all responsible parties.

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