May 28, 2018

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Dangers of Distracted Walking

The dangers of distracted driving have been widely publicized. We all know how dangerous it can be to drive while using a smartphone or talking to someone in the backseat. However, there is increasing concern on the dangers of distracted … [Read more...]

New York Nursing Home Official Ties Pay Raise to Sexual Act

According to a lawsuit that was recently filed in New York City, in 2014 an official in a Queens nursing home attempted to use his position in order to extract sexual favors from one of his subordinates. Manager Ties a Raise to Sexual Act Aron … [Read more...]

Push For Statute of Limitations Change in New York

Lavern’s Law would allow medical malpractice claims to be filed after the date of discovery of an illness or condition. The statute of limitations is the amount of time that an injured victim has to file a claim against a defendant. If a plaintiff … [Read more...]